Nov 26 2013

Stepping stones by Harvey

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Unaware of what was a head I took one step forward. My heart was pounding. As I started to get scared a stone moved! I jumped over the broken stone which was small and grey, and carried on moving. I saw a plane, it looked tall and a abandoned. There was a minute crack in what looked like a derelict plane hovering above me. Slowly, I creeped cautiously up to the plane, and crawled through the crack( it was hard to fit through.) worried, about what was about to happen I pushed bags and clothes out the way to see where the captain was. A bag fell I. Was petrified, I started to sweat.when I reached the front of the plane I saw a figure lurking in the chair…

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  1.   Jean Potteron 26 Nov 2013 at 5:04 pm

    My goodness how scary! Great atmospheric writing, who will the figure be?


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