Nov 26 2013

Stepping stones to… By Courtney

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Unaware of what was lurking ahead, I took one step forward. My heart was pounding. It took ages to get to the end. Where was I? A huge castle stood in front of me. What was inside? Opening the creaky door. A massive face popped up in front of mine. It moved away and shouted ” who are you?” ” I am Layla.” I muttered.

She walked away so I followed, it seemed like she was up set. ” what’s the matter?” I asked. No reply. Then she stopped and knelt down and picked up something. She started to walk back to me. It was a big ball of fluff but then a cute lovely light blue face shyly come out. ” what is that?” I whispered.

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  1.   Jean Potteron 26 Nov 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Wow! What a great piece of writing, I really want to know more about what happens next.


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