Jan 14 2014

Autobiograph of David beck ham by kyle

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I was born 2May 1975 in London England. I was a well known player and became a worlds famous football. Up to now I live with my wife Victoria Beckham and also my four children.I think I have worked very hard to get where I am now. I am well known to becoming a football icon in palaces such as:England,Spain and USA.

When I was younger I lived with my dad Ted Beckham and Sandra Beckham my mum and also my two evil sisters Molly and summer.I studied at x junior high school and then I was a basket ball fan but at school I studied football and I became a football fan and whenever Manchester United played I made my sisters watch them.

In 1986 I was a mascot for Manchester United against west ham united. At a later time of my life I received a red card for violent conduct in England’s match against Argentina. After the match my dad was disappointed with my and I have regretted it ever since.

In February 2003 after our defeat against arsenal sir Alex ferguson came storming into the changing room and kicked a boot unfortunately hitting me in the eye causing me to have stitches. In 2005, I established football academies in Los Angeles and East London.

In 2013 I announced my retirement from football and I gave a lot of money to charity.

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