Jan 14 2014

David Beckham autobiography by Joe

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I was born on may 2nd 1975 London reagent street. I am well known for my extraordinary atcheavemants and career on football around the glob including England, Spain and USA. Surprisingly me and my wife barley see each other because she models and design clothes and i advertise products like Pepsi and after shave. Despite being a world famous footballer, advertiser and celebrity life style: I sometimes miss being with my family when I am off the field i am either advertising or raising money for charity.

Middle a

Before my glory days i was an average child and fan of manchester united ever science i was little. I lived with my fantastic father Ted Beckham, who was an appliance repair man, and my marvellous mother Sandra Beckham a hair stylist and on Sundays she styles my hair for me. I have two sisters no brothers and they are a gossiping bunch about make up and assesirys not football. The main event in my child hood was my obsession with manchester united England.

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