Jan 14 2014

David Beckham Autobiography by Josh

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I was born on May 2, 1975, in London, England. Although I’m an accomplished football player and an extremely wealthy man: I hate having my picture taken. At this minute I live with my glamorous wife, Victoria Beckham, and my four children. I am the only boy in my family other than my dad, Ted. I have two sisters who most of the time I hated because they always irritated me. Sometimes i wish i was never famous because of everyone trying to take my photograph and people threatening to kill me and threaten my kids. My dad, who is a repair man, and my mum, Sandra, who is a hair stylist.

In 1986, when i was an 11 years old boy, my school football team won the soccer schools national competition. Although my team was still amazing the coach said they couldn’t have done it without me! On that day i was determined to fulfil my dream of being he most famous footballer in the world.

When i was 16, back in 1991, I left home to train for Man united’s training division, which my father wasn’t happy about. He used to say i was way too young. On the other hand, my mum was happy that i was leaving, not because she didn’t like me because she said i was growing up! In 1995, when i was 20, I was finally a full time player for Man U and was being payed £250,000 a month!

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