Jan 14 2014

David Beckham’s Autobiograghy! By Brandon

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The name David Beckham is known all over the world. I am famouse for being a footballer. I was born May 2nd 1975 in London Engerland. This Autobiograghy will explaine how i married Victoria. Although I live a celebrity life style: I wish I could lead a normal life and blend in amongst the crowd. My mums name is called Sandra a hair stylist, and my dad’s name is ted he is an electriction.

I am the family’s only son,I have 2 sisters called Jenny and sue,which could be annoying. When I was 16 I had to sadly leave my home. My family suport Manchester United Engerlands legendary team. Fans go wild and crowd me for my autograph. In 1991 I was playing in the youth team. I loved it and lived in Manchester.

In 1997 I met Victoria Adams me and Victoria quickly fell in love. She is attractive and has butifull blue eyes. Victoria is funny and is a good singer. She is a good drawer and a real artist.

In 1991 I had my dirt son called Brooklyn momentarily I got married 2 months later. Me and Victoria tied a knot and had a $800,000 wedding in a castle. In 2003 sir Alex Furgerson shot a football in my eye and had o have stichers.

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