May 21 2014

Midnight Terror! By Brandon

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Freaky,scary,petrifieing,colerful spooky monsters are taking over the night. The wild lake was a mirror in the midnight sky! Holding on tight the red dino was pulling a bout chain so the trembling sailors will not escape the terrIfieing fight… Detour nine the monsters wond give up until all the light houses are destroyed. The sailors are holding gunge gunners. Will the solders survive? Red the red Dino’s horns are like slices of bread stuck to his back.

Goowious George a spotty giant snake is squirting green gunge. The bridges are dancing in the midnight sky. Who will win the fight? Soldiers and monsters fighting for freedom: are dangerously pushing and shooting each over like they were in world war2. On the outside Joey was scared but on the inside( it was if he was in a dream.

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