Jun 23 2014

Chomp,chomp,through the forest by Elizabeth

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Are you looking for the best game ever? Busting with excitement and adventures. If so, then chomp, chomp, through the forest is the best game for you, this game is based on a teenage theme, your character is stucked in a jungle; it needs your help to get out. Can you help her?

A young mysterious girl is stucked in the: chomp forest, she needs you to collect golden coins to help her survive. Climb ladders; collect keys and dash through the breaking blocks with incredible speed, jumping high you can get the supper coin, which increase your coins. It is the character job to to retrieve a hidden key before being able to enter the second level.(if the key is not found then the portal doors  at the end of the first level are locked).

on levels there are points where I found it difficult to reach the next occasions. However, you can collect power ups  to fly up high. The vast majority of coins help you unlock power ups. I really like this game cause when you hear the music it gives you more pressure. It is also filled with exciting dangerous  levels  that are not easy without persevering learning learning muscles to win.

this game is a really good game, help Angelina to win the treasure and get out of the forest therefore, I will encourage others to play – if they dare.

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