Jun 23 2014

Gem review volcanorous by Courtney

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Volcanorous is a deadly game, bursting with life taking tasks! Based on a volcano theme, your character will be begging to go home! Risky levels to complete.

Appearing at the start of the game, a young boy, who is determined to safe the world, tiring to save his family, witch gives the game a dark atmospheric feel. To enter the incredible, second level I had to find the hidden key. (If the key is not found then you can’t move on to the next level). I really liked this task as it gave a challenge. It’s repeated through the three difficult levels.

The games main highlight is the lava effects. The alarming tense music adds to feel of the game. However, when persevering it is possible to reach the portals on every level.

I really enjoyed playing this game: it is filled with extraordinary levels not too easy but have an element of surprise! Although I would purchase this game and encourage others to play- if you dare.

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