Jun 23 2014

Look out the caves are about!! By Harry

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Look out the caves are about this is a fun adventure game with dangerous obstacles near by it is an almost impossible mission! It is based on a character inside a cave what is spooky and dangerous the objective is to save worms friend from dying.

A teenage boy, who is the main character in the game has bean Telly ported in to a start of a game surrounded by lava that is sculling hot which gives the game a light atmosphere to the game. The characters job is to find a hidden key before entering the second level. But if you don’t find the key then you won’t be able to go and continue the game of doom….

The games main highlights is the special lava effects. These can be found on all three level and create danger for the character because at some points it is really tricot not to fall in lava! The calm music makes you consontratr for the final level.

On occasions there are points where it is really difficult to do and this could frustrate some players. However if you persevere it is possible.

I really enjoyed playing this game: it has allot of exiting dangerous obosticals and levels that get easy and hard but have an element of surprise! However I would purchase this game it it amassing.



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