Jun 23 2014

Parkour 65 by Joe

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This outstanding, spine tingling game is designed to be fantastically marvellous and to make you feel on the edge! On this three level roller coaster of adrenalin and fearlessness the teenaged parkour master named Dan will face blood curdling challenges to complete the endless parkour toucher…


When you play this game Dan, who is a fourteen year old energetic boy who is trying to become the parkour master can you aid dan on his quest to be victorious.


After every level Dan gains an extra ability to complete the almost impossible parkour at the end.


Can you aid Dan become the parkour master? Can you survive without dieing? See If you can.

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  1.   Julieon 25 Jun 2014 at 11:03 am

    I love your writing Joe, lots of wow words, fantastic!


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