Jun 23 2014

Poppa baby mission in possible :Elizah

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Wonderful, fanciful, amazing the game that will blow your mind, Popp baby mission impossible . Poppa is a baby  who saves the world with his walker (baby walker) he is on a mission to save the world and he needs your help through L1 , L2 and L3.

Poppa is a baby: who saves the world. He is the main character in the game. First he appears at the start of the game like magic , which is really funny,  you need to go across the to get the shiny , shimmering key so you can get to the naxt level so no key no next level it is amazing if you are good it.

The game will be fun until you see the hot boiling lava it is a big challenge : even-though the the lava is purple it can still be hot and you will have to start all over again and some lava falls from the some  comes from under the moving block.

I really find it amusing and entertaining with the fun and risky levels to play the deadly game, if you dare!

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