Jun 23 2014

The Mineshaft – Harvey

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The Mineshaft is a incredible adventure game that gets more addictive the further you go. Based on Indiana Jones this superb game has many traps and hypnotising jumps. The Mineshaft is suitable for primary and secondary pupils.

Jack, who is the main character, appears to be stuck in a hole with fire balls flying towards him when he spawns, which gives a thrilling challenge. It is the characters job to collect the super coins and keys to reveal the second level. A block surrounded by spikes flys up and down waiting for you to jump on it. If the players feeling risky he/she can drop half way across the zip wire and has to jump straight away.

The games main highlight is the crusher. This can only be found on the first level and can be one best challenges in the game. The music adds a better feel to the game as it is tense. We have tested this game and it is possible.

I really enjoyed playing this thrilling game: it is a mind twisting exiting game. Therefor I would purchase this game and try to get people buying it.

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