Jun 23 2014

The Mineshaft- Josh

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The character is called Jack. He has to escape the crumbling Mineshaft before the lave rises. If he dosen’t then he will become a burnt miner.

Level 1                                                                                                                                                                                                       First you appear to be stuck in a deep hole, you can’t escape, the first challenge you come across is to avoid the ferocious lava bombs and collect the precious coins. To escape the hole you have to enter an ancient elevator and ascend to the next floor. The possessed lave suddenly dive down from above, you run across with ease. Too easy? Well your next challenge is extremely difficult. You have to run and run to the end. The roof starts to crumble and falls down. Will you survive? Yes! You see the bridge ahead of you fall and break, the only way to escape is to jump!

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