Dec 31 2013

SPAG Questions!

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Levels 3 – 5

1. Circle all the adverbs in the sentence below.

I carefully and quietly closed the door behind me. 1 mark

2. Circle one word to complete the sentence below.

Bill and Ben played cards _______ waiting for their dinner.

(a) which (b) while (c) during (d) between 1 mark

3. Complete each sentence with the most likely punctuation.

Choose from . ? !

(a) Stop or I will shoot

(b) It was snowing yesterday

(c) Do you think it will snow today 1 mark

4. The sentences below each have an error. The errors are underlined.

Write the correction, making sure the verb matches the tense.

(a) Yesterday Humpty Dumpty fall of a wall. __________

(b) We had roast chicken and chips every Sunday. __________

(c) The children play in the park at the moment. __________

1 mark

5. Put the teacher’s words into direct speech.

Be careful with the punctuation.

The teacher politely told the children to close their books.

____________________________________________ 2 marks

6. Look at this sentence.

Amy invited Eva, Sam, Sally and Joe to her birthday party.

(a) What is the name of the punctuation mark used after Eva and Sam?

___________ 1 mark

(b) Why is this punctuation mark needed in the sentence?

___________________________________________ 1 mark

7. Complete the sentences below using either I or me.

(a) Please turn on the TV for ______.

(b) Neither you nor ______ know the answer.

(c) Let’s keep this a secret between you and _____.

(d) Trust _____. I know what I’m doing. 2 marks

8. Write out this sentence putting in all the punctuation that’s needed.

Come here said Miss Jones and wait quietly. 1 mark

9. Complete the sentence below with a contraction that makes sense.

If I were you, I ___________ touch that cable. It might be live! 1 mark

10. Add a suffix to the underlined word to make it an adjective.

I think you’re making a dread_____ mistake. 1 mark

11. Add a prefix to the underlined word to make the opposite meaning.

Don’t be so ___happy. Everything’s going to be all right. 1 mark

12. Underline the subordinate clause in each sentence below.

(a) Although we tried our hardest, we didn’t quite make it.

(b) Do you know to whom this book belongs?

(c) After drinking his hot chocolate, Sam went off to bed.

(d) Mum asked Dad to turn up the heating because it got quite cold.

(e) We turned on the alarm before leaving for the cinema. 2 marks

Level 6

1. Rewrite these sentences, changing them from the active to the passive voice.

(a) Charles Dickens wrote ‘Oliver Twist’.

(b) Nobody gave the correct answers. 2 marks

2. Add a subordinate clause to each of the following sentences.

(a) Ben’s Auntie Susan lives in Dover.

(b) We walked, _______________, all the way to the park. 2 marks

3. Insert a comma and a semi-colon to clarify the meaning of this sentence.

I’m going to have chicken chips and peas you can have whatever you want.

1 mark

4. Label each of the underlined nouns below as common, proper, abstract or collective.

As we pulled out of Dover, there was great excitement as the children

watched a school of dolphins frolic around the ferry. 2 marks

5. Underline the adjectives in the sentence below which should be hyphenated?

That cross eyed baboon is really vicious and bad-tempered. 2 marks

6. Add a prefix to the underlined words in these sentences so that they make sense.

(a) Susan’s cupcakes are quite resist.

(b) Billy couldn’t hide his happiness when he failed miserably

(c) Moving a pawn backwards is legitimate in chess.

(d) That watch must be faulty. The second hand is going clockwise!

2 marks

7. Explain why a colon has been used in the sentence below.

There’s only one thing I have to say to you: Drop dead! 1 mark

8. Add the word that completes the sentence below correctly.

After _________ had my dinner, I watched TV for while. 1 mark

9. Hyphenate the adjective where required in the sentence below.

You can’t drive down that narrow road; anyway, it’s a one way street. 1 mark

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